About Us

Meet our Feel Travel Samui Team

Philipp Bruening, born and raised in Germany, decided to move to Koh Samui so he could spend more time with his Thai girlfriend and his son. With a background in tourism is was an obvious choice to start working in Tourism in Samui as well and so the idea of their own company was born.

Because every travel agency on Koh Samui is able to sell all available tours and activities on the island as well as arrange for any kind of hotel or villa booking, Philipp and Sonja wanted to add something special or unique for their company as well. They decided to open a Restaurant & Bar to form the solid base of the operation and specialize in tours & activities. Besides offering all standard tours they also developed a few new and unique tours on and around Samui!

The company was officially established in 2010 and has been running succesfully with many returning customers ever since.

Feel Travel Team has also grown in the past few years! We are very happy with our four employees that work for us as chauffeur and/or tourguide. With the 6 of us we are able to approach our customers in several different languages and their past experience has enabled us to improve our services even further for the best possible price.

Value for money is what we stand for and it is our duty to make your holiday the best as is can be!

You name it! We serve as you desire!